Hi, I'm Piet and has been a Mechanical Draftsman in the Petrochemical environment since 2008. I want to share my experience and also hear from you. Together we can become better draftsman that add more value to our clients.

Dimensioning of welds

When dimensioning a weld, instructions are given to the manufacturer of how the preparation should be done for the specific weld area. The weld detail on the drawing should convey all the information necessary for this preparation. Some companies does not require weld details and only require weld symbols for the identification of welds, where

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Mechanical Drawing Scales Tutorial

Mechanical Drawing Scales Tutorial

When representing assemblies or parts, it is often necessary to draw the assemblies or parts larger or smaller. Usually smaller details are drawn larger to enable a draftsman to include dimensions and notes and larger assemblies are drawn in a smaller scale to show the “bigger picture”. First , we need to establish what a

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